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 Training Durks/Ronins

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PostSubject: Training Durks/Ronins   Training Durks/Ronins I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 05, 2009 7:25 pm

Ronins Training Program

Hope this training program will make sense to you, if not tell me what you dont understand and ill explain. I will be constantly adding to the list of things to do for you. All things in the list will be numbered so that if you dont understand it then you can just say " I dont understand part 3.2, Could you please explain. "

Also you said your play style is a mix between building and military, So your main priority at the moment would be to build a new town on a wine island (preferebly next to mine but thats your choice) to provide wine for your citizens so you can expand your population to eventually build an army big enough to defend your towns while you pillage to feed your need to build. That was a mouthfull! To start with dont pillage anyone in an alliance coz you dont want any unwanted trouble breaking this training program, At least wait untill your no longer a cadet.

Let's get started.............. here the jobs begin.

0.1 - Build warehouses in both towns to level 5 (Enables you to hold 40 thousand of each resource)
0.2 - Build palace to level 2 and governers residence to level 2 (ready yourself for the new town)
0.3 - Build new town on wine island.

Break time - Take a break. Do a bit of pillaging, Let your resources build up, Learn the game a bit. Gives me chance to build some resources aswell. When the break is over (no more than 24 hours) I will send you a message ingame and i will of issued your new jobs here.

0.4 - Build Warehouse in the wine town to level 3
0.5 - Build Governers residence to level 2 in your wine town

0.6 - Build Museum to level 5 in the wine town and request Cultral assets treaties as you build each new level
0.7 - Build Town hall in wine town to level 5
0.8 - Build tavern in wine town to the level and amount of wine needed to supply your citizens to keep them happy
0.9 - Take turns building the Town hall and tavern in the wine town untill you reach level 10 with the Town hall (make sure to keep the citizens happy)
(Do not struggle to keep up with what is on this list. If you dont have the resources then ask me)
Break time again

Each time you hit a new number in the list, Please message me in game e.g "0.1 completed, starting 0.2" and i will send the resources/give advice as needed. Untill you hit 50,000 points you will not have to want for anything as i will provide all that is needed. Once you hit 50,000 points, If you wish i could carry on as your mentor and add to the list of things for you to do. But as you progress past 50,000 points i will no longer be handing out resources for free but i will trade with you 1:1.[u]
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Training Durks/Ronins
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